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    invisalign invisible braces

    Invisalign offers an innovative approach to straighten teeth and turn smiles into a lasting asset.

    The Strand and Vale Dental Centre in Perth takes pride in being a platinum provider of Invisalign, making us among the top four practices offering this cutting-edge treatment in Perth. This treatment redefines traditional orthodontics and invisible braces with its remarkable results and lifestyle-friendly tooth straightening system.

    Using invisible aligners, this treatment presents a range of benefits for patients.

    Comfort at Its Best

    • With clear aligners, you don’t have to worry about cutting your lip or tongue on sharp metal edges or brackets.
    • The aligners don’t require the same level of adjustments as that of traditional braces, so they save you time and spare you from too much discomfort.


    Removable Aligners for Your Convenience

    • The aligners are removable, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene.
    • No diet restrictions — you can eat the food you want by simply removing the aligners during meals.
    • You don’t have to visit the dentist to remove the aligners for special events, unlike traditional metal braces.


    Advanced Technology for Optimal Results

    • Invisalign uses computerised, custom-designed treatment to suit your smile.
    • We use a combination of impressions (“moulds”) and state-of-the-art scanning technology to get accurate measurements of your teeth.
    • Using cutting-edge technology, dentists can illustrate and predict how your smile will turn out even if the treatment has yet to start.

    We advise patients to be diligent in wearing their removable aligners, as this can contribute to their treatment time and overall outcome.

    Invisalign Treatment from the Strand and Vale Dental Centre

    1. Our dentists place great value in your satisfaction; we will only recommend the clear aligners if they suit your lifestyle and needs. We conduct a complimentary consultation to evaluate your smile and determine if you’re a good candidate for the treatment. After the consultation, we will provide an estimate of the timeline and expenses for the treatment.
    2. On your second visit, we will assess the health of your gums and teeth. We will check if your oral health is up to standards to receive Invisalign Perth treatment.
    3. We will take accurate impressions of your mouth and show possible results on a 3D video.
    4. We use the impression to make your custom aligners and determine the course of your treatment. You may return for a follow-up appointment to check the video and determine whether you’re satisfied with the projected results.
    5. Once you receive your aligners, you need to wear them day and night. The aligners work like traditional braces—they move the teeth to their proper alignment, but with minimal force. We will provide a new set of aligners, check on your progress, and make necessary adjustments every few weeks to complete your treatment on schedule.
    6. The duration of the treatment varies for every patient. Diligence in wearing the aligners may also make a difference on the results and treatment time.

    For more information about Invisalign, Perth patients may send us their queries online or call us at (08) 9276 6900.

    National Dental Plan (NDP) is Australia's only No Interest Ever! dental payment plan, Now offered at Strand & Vale

    Invisalign - a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that is virtually invisible.

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        National Dental Plan (NDP) is Australia's only No Interest Ever! dental payment plan, Now offered at Strand & Vale

        Invisalign - a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that is virtually invisible.

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